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GZ-2 new type of polymer coating

GZ-2 new type of polymer coating


GZ-2 new polymer anticorrosive coating is composed of acrylic and epoxy, chlorinated olefin and polyurethane as base material, adding non-toxic anticorrosive pigments, additives and other components of a new anticorrosive paint. It is mainly used for internal and external wall coating anticorrosion and metal concrete water tank, water tank of drinking water pipelines. The gas tank, gas pipe, anticorrosion coating. Oil storage tank and pipeline, anticorrosion coating. Power plant, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, medicine and other industrial plant and equipment in order to anti-corrosion coating. Coating environmental protection equipment, sewage treatment works and other steel structure, concrete structure underground or ground anticorrosive engineering.

GZ-2 new polymer anticorrosive coating has strong adhesion, coating non-toxic, fast drying, convenient construction, advantages, and has good salt corrosion of acid and alkali, energy, water, oil resistance, excellent resistance to weathering.