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Prefabricated polyurethane direct-buried insulation pipe

 Prefabricated polyurethane direct-buried insulation pipe


Polyurethane prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe is made of steel pipe, plastic rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer and glass avant-garde enhancement (i.e. glass steel) precast external protective layer in close connection with the tube.

Polyurethane insulation pipe has the capacity of light, high strength, heat and sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, anti-corrosion, no water absorption, convenient and fast construction and other excellent characteristics, has become the building, transportation, petroleum, chemical, electric power, cold storage and other industrial sectors insulation, waterproofing, sealing and other essential materials. Polyurethane insulation pipe used for pipeline of indoor and outdoor, central heating, refrigeration, transportation, transportation pipeline gas, central air-conditioning, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial pipe insulation, cold preservation engineering.

Compared with the traditional types of pipe insulation polyurethane prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe has the advantages of:

1.good performance of heat preservation, heat loss is only the traditional pipe 25%, long-term operation can save a lot of energy, significantly reduce energy costs.

2.has the very strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, no attached pipe ditch, can be directly buried underground or underwater, the construction is simple and rapid, low comprehensive cost.

3.under the condition of low temperature also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, can be directly embedded underground permafrost.

4.the service life can reach 30-50 years, the correct installation and use of the pipeline repair cost is very low. can set the alarm system, automatic detection of pipeline leakage, accurate fault location and automatic alarm indication.