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IPN8710 polymer coating

IPN8710 polymer coating


IPN8710 also known as interpenetrating network polymer anticorrosive coating anticorrosion coating, it is a two-component coating, a base material: resin, initiator; group B base material: active monomer, catalyst. Group A and group B equivalent mixed, three kinds of network interpenetrating at the molecular level, the formation of interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) structure, the synergistic effect, the coating forming network with: strong adhesion, good flexibility, acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media. To further improve the toughness, strength, coating adhesion, resistance to penetration and chemically inert, make the film has better performance, to improve the performance of polymers formed by IPN, is a new type of polymer blend technique.

Since the IPN8710 IPN coating in 1987 put into production, the technological improvement with resin, pigments and fillers of different, to resist the different corrosion media, has developed a water pipe anti-corrosion coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, chemical atmosphere gas tank, pipe anti-corrosion coatings, storage tank, pipeline coating special anti-corrosion coating, the comprehensive performance of the coating series: 1.surface treatment and simple; 2.excellent anticorrosion performance; 3.the ratio of performance to price reasonable.


項 目 指 標 項 目 指 標
漆膜顏色及外觀 各色,平整光滑 附著力(劃格法),(級) 1 — 2
干燥時間(25`C) 表干1、實干24 柔韌性,(mm) 1
完全固化 7 天 沖擊強性,( 50
涂層厚度 底漆:40-50um/道
面漆:40-50um/ 道
理論用 底漆:140-160g/M2
耐3%NACI (h) 72 復合層無變化 耐10%H2SO4(h) 72 復合層無變化
耐10%NAOH (h) 72 復合層無變化 貯存期限 12 個月
施工性 涂刷無障礙 使用期(h) ≥ 6