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Russia buried 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline

Recently, the Russian ambassador to Japan, said Luo Xiuke, the Russian oil pipeline has decided to help Japan to plan, build a rich oil from Eastern Siberia Taishet, buried 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe leading to the sea of Japan and the Pacific port of Nakhodka oil pipeline.


Roxyu Kopf is in Tokyo on the Japanese media said, the Russian government has chosen the construction scheme of the total length of 4000 kilometers of underground 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline, the government's decision will be officially announced on the next few months.


Russian energy minister Khristenko response said, Taine line is the preferred option for the government, but he says, even if the government chooses this project, "will eventually from the anti-corrosion steel pipe of oil pipeline in a straight line to china."