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The eastern gas buried transportation 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline to China Gas confirmed

The new progress made recently again from the Sino-Russian energy cooperation news. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying at a regular press conference before the bulletin, February 25th, vice premier of the State Council, the Sino-Russian energy cooperation committee and chairman of the Sino-Russian energy cooperation held talks with President Wang Qishan Committee and the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Russian President De Wolkowitch in Beijing, and achieved tangible results. China chun-yingfan said, the meeting results gave new impetus to the Sino-Russian strategic and cooperative partnership. Both sides reached important consensus on the expansion of crude oil trade, the Sino-Russian energy cooperation has made great progress in the new. The two governments to support enterprises in the eastern 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline gas supply negotiations, both sides confirmed through the eastern 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline gas supply 38000000000 cubic meters a year in China, and Eastern liquefied natural gas project and the west gas cooperation continue to study.


The current our country's economic construction, 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe of oil and natural gas is the golden period of development, with the construction of West to east gas pipeline, the Sichuan-East Gas Transmission and gas engineering, China pipeline and city gas pipeline construction has entered a period of rapid growth. 10 years of China's natural gas pipeline length of 35000 kilometers, it is predicted that by 2015 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe natural gas pipeline total length will reach 100000 kilometers, the construction of China's natural gas pipeline, the next few years will enter a golden period. China's urbanization construction and water saving projects around large plastic pipe for water supply to create a huge market, in 2015 our country city 8710 anti-corrosion steel pipe non-toxic water supply pipes are also very optimistic about the prospects of rural water supply pipeline construction, efforts will be gradually increased. While municipal pipelines in China are running, city water supply pipe about 130000 km before the laying of the nineteen eighties, has now come to life, the need to update and repair. The high growth in demand the company 3PE gas pipe into the golden period of development.


From the above data we can see, 3PE gas pipe, PE water supply pipe has a very good prospect, our company will enterprises to the brand, development of a positive image of professionalism, welcome old and new customers to our factory visit order!