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Steel pipe Market: 2013 pipe market demand forecast

In 2012, the steel market is not so bad, the price in November in a long time, the shock downlink, domestic seamless steel pipe market prices xianyanghouyi trend shocks, still not rest. In December, due to the northern region affected by the weather and rapid cooling effect at the end of the shortage of funds and other reasons, plus, the seamless pipe market prices continued to decline in the trend in shock vulnerable. The steel trade generally adopted a wait-and-see attitude, to digest inventory, return of funds, winter will not hoard goods.


However, some operators on 2103 domestic steel market seems to be full of expectation, that the steel market in 2013 will be a positive factor increase, is conducive to the whole market to improve the smooth running. These favorable factors are mainly embodied in the downstream terminal demand intensity than in 2012 was strong, power demand is expected to increase. Is mainly reflected in the:


One is to accelerate the development of urbanization construction, the construction of natural gas network of cities and towns, driven steel pipe demand. The recently held meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, pointed out in the analysis of the economic work in 2013, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth as the center, to focus on expanding domestic demand, accelerating the development of a number of new growth power consumption point. While expanding domestic demand to achieve by urbanization in hope. Vice Premier Li Keqiang said China's current huge gap between urban and rural areas, the future development potential of decades of urbanization is the largest. Industry insiders predict the future 10 years, China's urban population will reach about 400000000, according to the lower caliber, migrant workers Citizenization in per capita 100000 yuan of fixed assets investment, also can increase 40 yuan of investment demand. To accelerate the urbanization construction, accelerate the development and construction of city gas pipeline network is an important aspect, according to live Jianbu released the "national town gas development plan", to the end, the total supply of town gas is about 178200000000 cubic meters, an increase of 113% to five at the end of eleven. During the 12th five-year plan, the new urban gas pipeline about 250000 kilometers, to the end, the total length of urban gas pipeline 600000 km to reach. Then the construction and management of urban gas speed, steel demand will increase significantly, according to the Department of housing and urban planning, the new city gas pipeline 250000 km, the general main line every kilometer consumption of steel pipe 500 tons, then the 250000 kilometres of new city pipe network will bring steel demand of about 6875000 tons.


Two is the natural gas in our country development speed, a strong impetus to the 2013 domestic steel market to improve the smooth running of the. Just by the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Bureau announced the "natural gas development plan", made clear the development of natural gas of our country, to 2015, our country city and county natural gas gas use a population of about 250000000, about 18% of the total population. The development of natural gas to natural gas infrastructure as the focus, both the upstream natural gas resources exploration and development and utilization of downstream market, including coal-bed methane, shale gas and coal gas content, is an important basis for guiding the healthy development of China's natural gas industry during the twelfth five-year. During the 12th five-year plan, the new conventional gas reserves 3.5 cubic meters (technical recoverable reserves of about 1.9 trillion cubic meters); new coal seam gas proven geological reserves of 1 cubic meters. The new natural gas pipeline (including extension) 44000 km, the new trunk pipeline capacity of about 150000000000 cubic meters / year; the new storage work volume of about 22000000000 cubic meters, the initial formation of the West-East gas pipeline, the Sichuan-East Gas Transmission, Shaanxi-Beijing line and the coastal road artery. During the 12th five-year plan, China will be a total investment of 81100000000 yuan in the construction of 24 gas storage, which is bound to boost steel demand. According to the expert analysis, with reference to the second west-east gas data, a total of 8800 km line (total consumption of steel pipe 4400000 tons) to provide 30000000000 cubic meters of gas supply capacity, the construction of long-distance gas pipeline a total of 13860000 tons of steel pipe for. Comprehensive estimates, city pipeline gas transmission pipe, demand drives are as follows: Based on the total amount of data per year, driven by demand of about 4150000 tons, of which high margin, high price of long distance oil and gas pipeline annual demand of about 2770000 tons.


Three is the construction of channel strategy for oil and gas in the new climax, stimulating demand for steel pipe. In 2013 China's oil strategy channel construction will continue to accelerate, the twelfth five-year plan put forward, speed up the construction of the northwest, northeast, southwest and sea oil and gas imports strategic channel, improve the domestic oil and gas trunk pipeline network. The new national strategic reserve base. Recently, China Petroleum (601857, shares) research planning & Engineering Institute * * * pipeline on the sources, the next 5 years, China's new national strategic oil reserve bases need to invest 80000000000 yuan, oil and gas pipeline construction investment of about 350000000000 yuan. In the product oil pipeline construction, mainly is the system product pipeline network coverage in Northeast, northwest, north, South and western regions, to form the northern oil south, west oil East to send pipeline transportation pattern. The new product oil pipeline will reach 10000 -1.5 million kilometers, transmission capacity will reach 100000000 tons / year. Therefore, demand for steel pipe greatly. According to statistic, to 2015, the domestic oil and gas pipeline total length is 140000 kilometers. The next five years, the needs of domestic oil and gas pipeline construction of steel weighing about 16000000 tons, of which natural gas pipeline 12500000 tons, 1500000 tons of crude oil pipeline, oil pipeline 2000000 tons.


Some operators and the industry think, in 2013 China will speed up the development of natural gas, accelerating the urbanization construction, speed up construction of oil and gas strategic channel, it will form a huge impetus for stimulating demand for steel pipe, steel pipe market is a major positive to improve the smooth operation of the industry, steel consumption situation, predict 2013 only