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The domestic steel market is expected to rise in two quarter

Just in 2013, "NPC and CPPCC" held intensive around, urbanization construction, "iron, male, radical" city infrastructure, environmental protection and new energy and other green construction, become the new local government investment, the investment scale, construction project, involving regional big, the government is unable to compare, driving around in a new round of investment fever, a big play steel pipe. Operators and industry forecast, the two quarter of this year the domestic steel market is expected to rebound, will be better than last year.


According to the feedback in the sale of some engaged in steel trade operators situation, yuan a month past, steel market has a good running posture, the price is in concussion uplink channel, even in the Spring Festival approaching some time ago, as the active market transactions, but the price is still strong, and even continued steady rise. The last week of January, seamless steel pipe prices in some areas continues to rise 30 yuan / ton, as in the Nanjing area of the 20#? 108mm × 4.5mm structure with seamless steel pipe prices rose to 4530 yuan / ton, compared with the previous week rose 30 yuan / ton, seamless steel tube with a specification of the main city of the average price also rose 5 yuan / ton. Similarly, the main city of welded steel pipe market prices steadily rose slightly, 4 inch pipe average price of 4008 yuan / ton, compared with last Friday (January 25th) the average price of 4002 yuan / ton, up 6 yuan / ton.


A reporter asked the reason of steel market prices, the operator said, in addition to raw material prices, steel mills to raise prices, optimistic about the macro policy, the domestic economic situation improved, so that everyone on the late market confidence, the combined effect of these factors, the steel market is obviously better than a few months ago.


In recent years, used for manufacturing seamless steel tube prices continued to rise at the end of January, at the beginning of 2, Jiangsu area tube steel market prices 110-120 yuan / ton, resulting in seamless steel tube production costs rise, steel mills are also relevant to raise prices, some steel mills will be seamless steel pipe factory price increase 200 yuan / ton. Similar to the seamless steel pipe, steel prices rose for welded steel pipe, last week, Shanghai, Wuxi, Tangshan, Shenyang, Guangzhou and other places of the steel market prices rose 10-40 yuan / ton, welded steel pipe production costs high, driven steel price increase, welding market prices "boat", follow up.


Some operators say, everybody also optimistic about the domestic economic situation improved, around to speed up infrastructure construction, to after the Spring Festival, especially in the two quarter of the steel market price, shipment in preganglionic are unwilling, coupled with its resource is not very abundant, inventory pressure is, wait for the market to sell, do not worry.


See, the steel trade business mentality is very good, full of expectations for the later steel market, a big reason is that local urbanization construction, set off a new round of investment boom, will inject a strong driving force and vitality of the steel market.


On 2013 the scale of investment plans to transfer from around the "NPC and CPPCC", really made by steel traders. Such as, the provinces and city hall announced the 2013 GDP growth target, in 31 provinces, 24 provinces and cities GDP growth in the 10% and above, the western provinces and cities in 10% and above all growth. The Chinese Academy of Sciences forecast in 2013 China's economy will moderate rebound, expected annual GDP growth at around 8.4%, a rise of about 0.6 percentage points compared to 2012. Notable is, the target of fixed asset investment growth provinces in 2013 generally maintain two digit, including Xinjiang, Gansu, Guizhou and other 19 provinces in fixed asset investment growth target set at more than 20%. The agency expects 2013 fixed asset investment growth of 23.5%, according to estimates, the incremental investment in fixed assets or ultra 8 yuan.


Look around the investment flows, is closely related with the steel market demand. According to the local government's "report on the work of the NPC and CPPCC" disclosure of investment planning, one of the biggest bright spot is the urbanization construction, "iron, male, radical" city infrastructure construction, such as the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region's government work report pointed out, will speed up the construction of key projects this year. Preliminary arrangements for the new industrialization, agricultural modernization, new urbanization and ecological construction such as the six major categories of the autonomous region 330 key construction projects, plans to invest 300000000000 yuan, grow 32.7%. Guangdong Province will arrange 400000000000 yuan into the 280 key construction projects. According to the Guangdong Guangdong Province issued a "comprehensive transportation system development" 1025 "planning", which made the "12th Five-Year Plan" period the province arrangements: transportation of 189 key construction projects, a total investment of about 1983800000000 yuan, of which the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period of planned investment of about 1067100000000 yuan to complete.


In 2013, Wuhan city will invest more than 130000000000 yuan for the city infrastructure construction, this data compared to 64700000000 yuan in 2012 doubled. Henan this year, investment in fixed assets is expected to reach 1400000000000 yuan, Harbin 60000000000 yuan, 69024000000 yuan of hefei...... , signs, the local government of a new round of "investment impulse", the power of the strong, large scale, large area, is rare at home. According to reports, since June of last year, more than 10 provinces and cities issued large-scale economic stimulus plan or steady growth measures, a rough calculation, involving nearly 20 yuan, $4 investment plan than the central government in 2008. Among them, Guangdong, Tianjin, Shanxi, Chongqing, Fujian, Guizhou, Sichuan investment plans are super trillion yuan. However, the steel production enterprises and the steel market is a major positive, it will create a