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The new development of seamless steel tube industry


Through the analysis of the development trend of seamless steel pipe industry related industries and the pattern of seamless steel pipe industry in our country, as well as the achievements and existing problems, we realize that: the domestic market has a certain advantage and development space, the international market space is growing, mainly rely on competition to increase market share. In order to further enhance the competitiveness, must seize the opportunity to present, as soon as possible to narrow the gap with the international advanced level products in variety, quality and cost, the production equipment and process technology as soon as possible, reached the international advanced level, make our country become the world steel production strong country.


The development of a new pattern, China seamless steel tube industry


Seamless steel tube is one of the important raw materials of national economic construction, is a kind of economic type varieties of steel, are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, coal, machinery, military, aerospace and other industries, countries around the world, especially the developed countries have attached great importance to the production and trade of seamless steel tube.


1, China's economic growth has driven the development of seamless steel tube industry


From international experience: a product of rapid growth is not balanced growth in all industries, leading industries but by a few faster growth. In different periods of the different leading industry, leading industries to promote the sustained and rapid economic growth.


From the experience of leading industry: 80's: light industry, textile and so on; the leading industry in 90: basic industry and infrastructure, a new generation of home appliances, such as real estate; in 1997 after the economic slowdown, is because of the emergence of leading industries' suspended 'this situation, in 2002 finally changed, a number of new leading industry surfaced; lead is residential, automotive, electronic communications and city infrastructure construction with these properties of final products of the leading industry. The leading industry is pulling a group of middle nature of investment industries, mainly steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, machinery, chemical and other materials and equipment industry. The above two aspects and pulling the power, coal, oil and other energy industry and port, railway, highway and other transportation industry growth. It is the rapid growth of the industry has led the entire seamless steel pipe market demand, promote the rapid development of seamless steel tube industry.


The sustainable rapid development opportunities 2, seamless steel tube industry


The seamless steel pipe market, currently in the consumption growth, the domestic seamless steel consumption will maintain a rapid growth rate, provides a favorable opportunity for the development of domestic seamless steel tube.


First of all, don't reduce pipe demand for energy, transportation, petrochemical, high performance varieties increased rapidly. The construction and repair of energy, transportation, petrochemical and other facilities required for seamless steel pipe still occupies a very important position in the steel market demand. In recent years, new varieties of high performance demand for faster growth, such as high performance of oil well pipe, large diameter tube for power station boiler, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance of the petrochemical pipe and stainless steel pipe and so on.


Secondly, pipeline transport oil, natural gas, refined oil, coal slurry, slurry fluid pipe, especially high strength line pipe demand will rise sharply.


Third, the rapid growth of the construction industry, building structure with high-grade rack pipe demand rapid growth.


Fourth, the demand of steel pipe with the increase of the content of high technology. To improve the requirements of automotive, appliance, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing and other industries of the seamless steel tube number increased demand, variety and quality, seamless steel pipe varieties to develop in the direction of high technology content.