Cangzhou Spiral Steel pipe Group Co., Ltd
Company Contacts:Hu Feng Ling.
Address:No. 92 Jiefang East Road, Zhangzhou City

Service Promise

Our company will be in strict accordance with the requirements of your delivery schedule, reasonable arrangement, elaborate organization, ensure the delivery schedule, ensure the construction need.


Our company has accumulated rich experience in production management, double-sided spiral welded pipe in terms of technology, production technology, detection means are fully equipped with the ability to produce high quality products. The company will be in strict accordance with the process, according to ISO9001 quality assurance system, strengthen the process control from raw material procurement to sell the product, provide product guarantee.


Service content:


Pre-sale services


There are plans to visit customers, solicit opinions; timely understanding of customer needs and problems, to the user's request, give a reply within the day, can not meet the shall be stated; contract review completed within one day.


In the sale of services


Strictly perform the contract of sale, in-time product; strictly fulfill the technical services agreement, provide technical service and guidance, guarantee the quality of service; to find and solve problems in a timely manner, the scene can not resolve should inform the user, and report to the competent leadership; caused due to product quality problems replacement or return, reported according to the rules.


After-sale service


Our company for the issues raised by customers, the day school personnel arrived at the scene within three days of service, the foreign service personnel arrived at customer solution; sales department in the individual project is completed within one month after the report to supervisor, once every six months the information feedback, and make the corresponding user survey, evaluation users of the company's work.