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Screw steel in troubled times fast


Market review: rebar futures opened higher in early trading slightly Chonggao, after gradually fell concussion, barefoot in the line at. The main RB1101 this opening 4387, the highest 4392, the lowest 4361, the newspaper closes at 4361, down 0.14%, full-day turnover of 1856000 hand, positions continue to lose 64000 to 1216000 hand in hand.


Industry information: China Steel Industry Association latest Xunbao data display, in early August, the member units of the Communist 14130000 tons of crude steel, crude steel production estimate is 17190000 tons, output is respectively 141.3 and 1719000 tons, annulus comparing late July each increase of 29000 tons and 77000 tons. The end of the crude steel production chain for 3 consecutive months of decline, domestic crude steel production again rising momentum, yield increase or will be to stabilize the price of steel.


Building materials market: the domestic steel market price fluctuations in a narrow range, the construction steel market prices rose slightly; the domestic focus of the city with 6.5mm high average price of 4272 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day up 15 yuan / ton; domestic key city with 25mm screw steel average price of 4158 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day up 13 yuan / ton. Beijing 6.5 - 4240 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day rose 20 yuan, two screw steel main specifications of 4210 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day rose 30 yuan; Shanghai market high speed wire 4280 yuan / ton, steel 4000 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day up 30 yuan.


The spot market: market of Shanghai building materials market price stability in the morning opened up 10 - 30 yuan / ton, after opening, the site to goods not positive, the market turnover is not ideal, and rebar futures to weaken, resulting in business confidence, disagreement on the operation, partial businessman still stubbornly high, looking up; but also some businessmen high low, or bargaining shipment. The overall volume of today's somewhat lower than yesterday, the market turnover back dull.


Raw materials: 18 domestic iron ore market is a steady rise trend, the overall market inquiry situation better, the transaction can be, most of the region resources insufficient, mines sell psychological increase. Imported ore market quotation stable, offer more. The pig iron market continue to rise, in some areas have higher prices, the overall supply of resources tight, inquiry is very active. Steel scrap market overall is stable, part of the market price of a slight fluctuation, East China regional 普漲 steady, transactions, and some relatively low prices in the arrival is not an ideal situation, to the mainstream price level "follow" the possibility of a larger. The billet market quotation continued steady increase, inquiry, the general contract. Coking coal market steady operation, transactions generally; the market and stable operation of coke, transactions can be, in addition to the price of the Shenhua two metallurgical coke rose 50 yuan / ton or so, we arrived at a price of 1720 yuan / ton, other areas of temporary price stability, manufacturers inventory is not high.


Freight: sea freight rose Pu Zhang, Brazil to China 26.554 U. S. dollars / ton rose 0.089 U. S. dollars / ton (15-18 tons), Western Australia to China 10.333 U. S. dollars / ton rose 0.075 U. S. dollars / ton (15-18 tons), India East - China Daily rent of $18892, up $232 18-19 dollars / ton (50000 freight tons, including demurrage), BDI2515 rose 27.


Shanghai A shares continued high shock, closing down slightly, trading volume has been enlarged; the real estate industry, iron and steel plate fell slightly.


Position analysis: the main clinch a deal amount, positions reduced sharply again; decreased more than 17344 single hand, a Yongan Jiancang 11616 hand, only the net single 1461. The main empty single Jiancang 19800 hand, steel began Jiancang 2279 hand.


Shortly after the view: RB1101 temporarily lost weight and warehouse security, into the finishing interval, 20 - week moving average and still can be in the form of pressure near 4400. The next day if flat open, and continue to maintain a narrow range consolidation, this round of adjustment to 4300 line can be small. Short-term temporary wait-and-see their short positions, in short, the market is like a story a whirling head, the best is yet to come.