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Chinese private net of the two large state-owned enterprises last year.

Steel pipe hot Chinese business income of the top 500 private enterprises, 221 enterprises to invest in the real estate industry in the next three years, the proportion of 44%.


The National Association of industry and Commerce in Beijing yesterday released the "2010 China private enterprises 500 analysis report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") display the data.


On the same day, "the 2010 Chinese private enterprises 500" list, Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd. to 146313000000 yuan revenue report, for second consecutive years of rising sales, Suning Appliance (14.67,0.12,0.82%) (002024.SZ) and Lenovo (Lenovo Group: 00992.HK) in two or three place.


Compared with last year, this year the 500 short-listed the threshold increased from the business income of 2970000000 yuan in 2008 to 3660000000 yuan.


Although the strong momentum of development, but also somewhat "shabby compared with the" wealth "of the central enterprises".


Last year, China Mobile (00941.HK) net profit of 115166000000 yuan, China Petroleum (10.31,0.07,0.68%) (601857.SH, 00857.HK) net profit of 103387000000 yuan, the two together over the net sum of 500 private enterprises (217952000000 yuan). While the private enterprises 500 homes, "private" the most profitable for the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, in 2009 net profit after tax of 8780000000 yuan.


Huang Mengfu: as soon as possible to cultivate private Multi-National Corporation


Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the National Association of industry and Commerce Chairman Huang Mengfu said in the "2010 of 500 private enterprises" conference, China should create a good environment for the development of large-scale private enterprises, as soon as possible to cultivate a stronger international competition ability of private Multi-National Corporation.


As the "mother" of the National Federation of industry and commerce, this year is the twelfth consecutive release "Chinese private enterprises 500".


Responsible for the investigation of the National Association of industry and commerce economy ministry sources, the 2010 annual survey is aimed at revenue in 2009 enterprises, a total of research more than 3600 business income of more than 300000000 Yuan in private enterprises.


Manufacturing accounted for the majority of private enterprises to seek the transformation,


The National Association of industry and Commerce Deputy Secretary-General, economy minister Ouyang Xiaoming said, benefited from 2009 to stimulate the real estate policy, the real estate industry from the 16 increase in 2008 to 26.


Nevertheless, the manufacturing industry to become the next three years the most investment hot.


"Chinese private enterprises 500" short-listed enterprises are still mainly in the manufacturing industry, a total of 308.


Huang Mengfu to accept the "First Financial Daily" reporters after the meeting said, some large enterprises are actively restructuring, more and more involved in the development of strategic emerging industries.


Survey data shows, 500 private homes, have the development and utilization of the 36 companies involved in biological product, there are 26 enterprises involved in solar energy, wind power, the new battery and other related industries.


In yesterday's "report" conference, Huang Mengfu said, to create a good environment for the development, need to set the government, enterprises and the Federation of industry and Commerce of the force, the cultivation and training of the ability of competition in international private Multi-National Corporation, this is to promote China's industrial upgrading, enhance the international discourse right, safeguarding national economic sustainable development and economic security, have very important realistic and strategic significance.


The National Association of industry and commerce that are private enterprises, private enterprises and annual survey released 500 large and medium-sized private enterprises, to understand the business status, industry characteristics and enterprise management and so on, are not show.